Grow revenue.

Reduce cost.

Move from good to great.

… and create a powerful competitive advantage as the employer and provider of choice.

Revenue Growth

engageWe will show you how to increase your premium occupancy (revenue base in your organization), and work with you to enhance Medicare and Managed Care programs through a 12-week team-based process. Clint Maun, our lead consultant on this process… more.

Quality Resident/Employee Satisfaction

transformIf you're ready to make the leap from good to great, we'll show you how to become the employer and provider of choice. Your staff will find new levels of satisfaction in their work, and your residents will love the new energy. more...

Operations Reviews

empowerA comprehensive operations review will show you how to improve operational efficiency and profit from every aspect of business. Through reviews of staffing, cost containment, and revenue enhancement, and the assessment of key data, you'll get a Board-level opportunity-snapshot of more


Save the Date

2013 Conference

HealthCare Service Excellence Conference

Patient Experience Thought Leadership

Our 17th Annual Conference will be held at the Hilton Long Beach in Long Beach, CA on February 6, 7, and 8, 2017. The National Symposium for HCAHPS Sustainability is on Feb 6. Visit for more details.

What we do

  1. Build a resident-driven culture of compassion and love through the three cornerstones of culture engagement
  2. Break down departmental silos and achieve organization-wide literacy and focus on improving HCAHPS performance
  3. Implement prioritized, proven best-practices that will create a long-term sustainable, competitive advantage
  4. Overcome resistance to change and gain active, enthusiastic management and frontline buy-in and ownership to improve the patient experience
  5. Improve employee morale as necessary first step to providing world-class customer satisfaction with the goal of reducing controllable staff turnover by 50% in 3 years
  6. Engage the best-of-your-best frontline staff to train and positively influence their peers
  7. Benefit from the delivery of your own customized Service Excellence Workshop that empowers frontline leaders to teach and motivate their peers to reach new levels in service
  8. Create a dynamic collaboration between frontline leaders and their managers to facilitate monthly performance improvement meetings to systematically achieve dramatic improvements in resident satisfaction scores
  9. Understand the link between employee, and resident satisfaction, and how to improve both at the same time
  10. Build new methods of sustainable revenue
  11. Reduce costs through systemmatic operational reviews, and patient and employee-friendly scheduling realignments
  12. Eliminate compensation complaints as a reason for employee turnover



“The Service Leadership OASIS Best Practice Teams have been very successful in getting multiple levels of corporate-wide staff working together toward resident satisfaction."
     — Roberta Jacobsen, Senior VP, Operations, Front Porch Retirement Communities

"Some of the improvements and/or things implemented as a result of this initiative are heightened awareness of nonverbal communication, utilizing the buddy system to complete tasks, finding methods to carry on tasks more efficiently, and to ensure that there is follow-through."
     — Katherine Custodio, Activities Assistant, Villa Gardens

"Combines humor, experience, knowledge, insight, and input from participants to make a program for change and affirmation that is challenging but practical and possible."
     — Sister Paula David, Mission Services/Chaplaincy, Elder Care Alliance

"When we first partnered with CLS, we were not looking for a "flavor of the month" top-down customer service program. What is magical about this program is the sustainable and flexible process and how it both enveloped and infused all levels, especially the front-line of our Front Porch organization.
Moving into our seventh year, we continue to identify new leaders and have promoted 20-25% of our front-line staff STARs in each year of the program. Our own Front Porch University/Five STAR College has evolved from the first four years of the Service Excellence program and continues to enrich our Front Porch service excellence learning culture."
     — Lauren Moulton-Beaudry, Ed.D, Director of Ethics and Education, Front Porch

Read More "Clients and Audiences say it best" pdf


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