Create a powerful competitive advantage through the realization of a fully-engaged workforce.


Save the Date

2013 Conference

HealthCare Service Excellence Conference

Patient Experience Thought Leadership

Our 17th Annual Conference will be held at the Hilton Long Beach in Long Beach, CA on February 6, 7, and 8, 2017. The National Symposium for HCAHPS Sustainability is on Feb 6. Visit for more details.

Service Excellence Process Improvement:

Transformation to the Employer and Provider of Choice

empowerCustom Learning Systems is the leader in on-site training, coaching, and service education in the healthcare industry. Progressive long term care organizations have realized that to make change stick, it's got to be cultural change, led by Custom Learning System CEO, Brian Lee.


Attract and retain the very best employees

With well over 50% of operating costs attributed to labor and benefits, it makes good business sense to maximize your Human Resource assets. CLS will show you how to improve operating profit through the reduction of employee turnover, and the creation of a marketable competative human resource advantage.

Improve the Resident experience

You're in business to meet the challenging and ever-changing needs of your Residents and families. CLS will show you how to raise your game, and improve your resident experience through the development of a genuine service-obsessed workforce that serves Residents and families with dignity, respect, and humor.


Manage the system for sustained improvement

Many highly sophisticated organizations have yet to implement fully-evolved system to manage employee engagement and resident satisfaction so that they become competitive advantages. CLS will show you how to manage these highly intangible elements, to achieve a sustained improvement trajectory.

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