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2013 Conference

HealthCare Service Excellence Conference

Patient Experience Thought Leadership

Our 17th Annual Conference will be held at the Hilton Long Beach in Long Beach, CA on February 6, 7, and 8, 2017. The National Symposium for HCAHPS Sustainability is on Feb 6. Visit www.healthcareserviceexcellence.com for more details.

About CLS Continuing Care

25 years

For 32 years, CLS has partnered with leading providers in the continuing care and healthcare sectors on projects to improve employee engagement, retention, and resident and patient satisfaction.

Through a highly effective, multi-disciplinary approach that includes on-site training, coaching, e-learning, and surveys, forward-looking organizations in these sectors have achieved true and sustained organizational transformations.

CLS was founded in 1984 by Brian Lee, CSP.Satisfaction Guaranteed Please click here to download

Lee is a frequent keynote speaker at major industry events, and is also the author of the seminal works Satisfaction Guaranteed, and Keep Your Nurses for Life.
(Click on Book Cover image to download the book "Satisfaction Guaranteed" in pdf format 1.2mb)


What you can count on from CLS

  • An engaged and fully empowered group of frontline associates who become your brand promise to both your Residents and the community at large: helping transform your organization to a true employer and provider of choice.
  • Cutting-edge Coaches, Trainers, Implementation Specialists, and software systems.
  • unique depth of experience and expertise, borne through 32 years of experience.
  • Complete customization of services by way of a comprehensive pre-implementation surveys and CEO-level briefings.
  • A structured, proven, turn-key “D.O. I.T.” (Daily Ongoing Improvement Tactics) implementation process to create guaranteed results.
  • Timely and relevant content resulting from intensive research and field testing of best practices.
  • Our clients are frequently recognized with national and regional awards for customer and employee loyalty improvement.
  • The peace of mind that comes from endorsements of a long list of satisfied clients.
  • Extraordinary flexibility and adaptability in meeting and exceeding your needs and requests.
  • An inspiring annual Service Excellence Conference, focused on showcasing and celebrating proven best practices.

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