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2013 Conference

HealthCare Service Excellence Conference

Patient Experience Thought Leadership

Our 17th Annual Conference will be held at the Hilton Long Beach in Long Beach, CA on February 6, 7, and 8, 2017. The National Symposium for HCAHPS Sustainability is on Feb 6. Visit for more details.

Keynote Presentations

Brian Lee

Keynotes are offered to leading associations, corporations, or management retreats, and are presented by Brian Lee, CSP, CEO of Custom Learning Systems Group. … more


Leading the Healthcare Reform Revolution™

  • Master the Opportunities from Change, to Maximize Reimbursement and ROI (443 kb PDF)

The ACO/Long Term Care Factor™

  • How to become a sought after Accountable Care Organization Partner (335 kb PDF)

The Magic of Frontline Engagement™

  • Unlock the Mystery of Employee Empowerment and Enthusiasm to Create a World Class Resident/Patient Experience (341 kb PDF)

The Six Secrets of World Class Resident Satisfaction™

  • Create a Long-Term Sustainable Competitive Advantage through Service Excellence (386 kb PDF)

The Long Term Care Provider of Choice™

  • Create a Long-Term Sustainable, Competitive Advantage as an Employer and Provider of Choice (373 kb PDF)

Secrets of Accountability and Empowerment for Service Success™

  • Hardwire Best Practices for Successful Leader, Staff, and Physician Engagement to Achieve Exceptional Patient Satisfaction (402 kb PDF)

Keep Your Nurses and Healthcare Professionals for Life™

  • The 4 Imperatives of How to Inspire, Retain, Motivate, and Empower Patient Focused Nurses
    (& Everybody Else!) (391 kb PDF)

The Accountability Protocol™

  • Hardwire for Successful Service Culture Transformation (382 kb PDF)

The Nursing Home of Choice™

  • Create a long-term sustainable, service, staffing, and marketing competitive advantage as the Nursing Home of Choice (468 kb PDF)


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Over the years, I've had the honor and opportunity to work together with Brian Lee in helping healthcare organizations improve their outcomes using team-based strategies.

As a speaker and consultant, his ability to heighten the awareness of an audience to the importance of service excellence is well proven. Brian, a Certified Speaking Professional, motivates individuals to take positive action and offers step-by-step tools they can immediately implement in their service excellence journey. Brian weaves together his years of consulting expertise and knowledge with client success stories which allows the audience to see the positive action they can take in their organizations beginning with frontline engagement.

    – Clint Maun, President & Senior Partner, Maun-Lemke


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